Motorbike Insurance

I've found the bike I want to buy. Just wondering how insurance works in Vietnam. What do I need to get and what extra options can I get? Any recommended companies.


There is the standard insurance that all bikes must have, if the police pull you over they will want to see the insurance card. It only costs about 80k a year. Then there is the normal insurance that you can have from places like this

I found this old link in the internet. … in-vietnam
It is required by law for Vietnamese motorbike drivers to carry the motorbike insurance when they are driving on the street. The insurance covers the policyholder against property damage and personal injury to any other party in case of traffic accident.

Is that really enough for damage and injuries to third party?
Has someone eperience after an accident with this insurance?

We just bought a motorbike and waiting on the license plate (procedured by the bike shop).
It this mandatory insurance enclosed with the license plate?
Or do I must buy such an insurance as described in the internet article?

Sorry because this questions, but my wife always answer that no insurance is required.

She also said that the expensive Vespa (2017) we just bought is safe and I don't must be worried regarding theft. But I can not quite believe that.
Therefore I also want look for an additional insurance like colinoscapee posted above.
It would be great if someone can share eperiences with other affordable insurances which cover damage and theft.

Thank you in advance  :)

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