Working in Jeddah

Hi everyone!

So I’ve got a question that I’d like to ask. First of all I should introduce myself a bit. I’m a 22 year old British expat currently living in Jeddah, I’m currently under my father’s sponsorship.

I’ve completed my secondary education (British Curriculum) and I’m looking into starting a job, here in Jeddah.
I do not have a degree.

I’ve been offered teaching jobs, mainly from international schools, these schools are usually for children who are quite young (Nusery)

One of the main reasons I get offered jobs is simply because of my British accent, which I don’t find very professional, to be honest.

My questions is, can I work, even though I’m under my father’s sponsorship, and on my resident identity it does mention that I’m not eligible for work?

I read somewhere that I might require a work permit, but I’m not entirely sure as to how I’d get a work permit. I also read somewhere that female children who are old enough to work (and not in full-time education or married) can stay under their father’s sponsorship and can work in certain places, such as education.

I do really want to work especially with children. However I’m not entirely sure if this information is all correct, and I definitely don’t want to get myself into any trouble.

I would love if someone could give me a bit of insight on the whole matter.

Thank you!

Legally you cant work since  you have a student visa. It will be risky and under your father responsibility. Working at international schools is some how less risk

Getting a work permit is not an easy since you don't have a degree


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