Apply a new pass after rejected pass

Hi, a Singapore company had applied a work pass for me in September 2017 but got rejected on the first try. They tried to appeal once, it failed, so they tried to appeal again and we're waiting for the results of the last appeal even up till today. If another company who offered me a position would like to apply for a work pass for me, is that possible or do I have to ask the first company to cancel their work pass application first?

Please read previous threads, we have plenty of discussion on how to cancel your pass if it’s pending for an appeal and you have another job offer in hand.

You can request employer to withdraw their appeal. FYI, employer can’t simply appeal one after another without any additional proof or information, MoM will reject straight way.

Secondly, second employer can able to apply for your pass only when previous employer withdrawn their appeal and MoM update the record in their system that no pending appeal is in record. Good luck

Hi Surya, thank you for the info! Apologies as I only saw a discussion regarding a pending pass, but not a rejected pass.

The first employer didn’t ask me for any additional proof or information so it could be that they have provided something else on their end or that MOM might not have provided a reason, but if that's not accurate I stand corrected.

Do you happen to know how long it takes to withdraw the pass?

Inform your previous employer and let them withdraw appeal then confirm you back. Wait for a week and try to check with MoM if your application is already withdrawn, after they confirmed, your new employer can proceed (or else you may ask new employer to proceed and if system doesn’t allow them to apply again as it will through an error message stating that the concern employee’s application is still pending and can’t apply again. Then you can reach out MoM to withdraw). Good luck

Hi Surya, the company A has updated me today that the appeal was rejected, so I'm now moving forward with company B. Thanks for the help!

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