Re applying tourist visa application

Hi can someone advice me what to do in my tourist visa application for norway?

I applied tourist visa just to visit my fiancee i got engaged last week and when i applied tourist visa he's still my boyfriend. I applied November 20+ I don't remember the exact date and i received the result December 5 and it was denied. Our plan with my fiancee is we will go to norway together our plan departure was yesterday but he went there alone because my application is denied. I planned to re apply and i plan to depart on January 15 because his birthday is on January 19. Can you please help me with this?  Thankyou and godbless

Tourist visas for young single women from your part of the world are often denied, almost automatically, usually because they don't believe you intend to return to your country.  Maybe you should look at the fiance visa path.

hmm okay thankyou for your advice

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