Before moving to Vietnam


A few things i have shared on facebook.

There's good points to live here
- Good social life
- Much less confined at home than in the west,
- Good entrepreneurship spirit,
- Less regulations to start your company
- Positiv minds
- Constant discoveries of whole different cultures - specially if you visit the neighbor' countries,
- And to be fair for the men; pretty enjoyable success with women

but there's also to consider the food & air pollution problem and  the fact that you don't have a retirement allocation included in your  salary (contrary to a bunch of countries in Europe where it's managed for you when get paid each months, I don't know about US) - and what about the property right for foreigners ? 

What about the quality of the building of the apartment you want to buy (bad isolation,  breaches, toxic  materials) ? What about the hospital and schools quality ?  Etc etc.

You will also have to think about the costs of the flights each year to go back in US/Europe to see your family. Also the school fees can be very high for internationnal private schools, doable for Vietnamese private schools, and not cheap for universities.

While you can  feel more freedom,  when you settle in a in development country, you have to be ready to accept lower quality in all the area.

It might be a good option if you live in the US  where there is actually not so much advantages if you don't invest high amount for it (health, education, retirement allocation ) but I don't think it's a so wise relocation for European on   a middle to long term perspective.

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