getting married in vietnam for moroccan citizens

i'm issam from morocco, i'm in relationship with a vietnamese girl and we  want to get married soon, but i have a problem. i want to know what  documents are needed to complete this marriage

please, i want you to answer me :(

thanks in advance. … fault.aspx

Suggest you check the above and contact the embassy in your home country.  Most Viet embassy websites seem to have a checklist of documents needed for marriage in Vietnam but this one doesn't seem to.  May I suggest that if you call them, have your fiance make the call.

Here is the list from the US Viet Embassy: … gistration

Generally speaking you will need an affidavit of single status or a divorce certificate or a death certificate of a spouse from your home country as appropriate.  The other items can be done in Vietnam.  The list used to be longer but I guess what is gone is irrelevant.

thank you so much THIGV for this informations

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