Extension of Exit/Re-entry visa being out of the KSA

Situation: My family (iqama holder dependent) will be outside of the country when Exit/Re-entry visa will expire. Me (sponsor) will be inside the kingdom.

Question: Can I extend my family's exit/re-entry visa in this case without any problem?

Yes you can. Check with your employer or I guess now it’s in the Absher system also !!

Hi brother,

Have you succeeded in extending you dependent visa while they are outside ksa?

I am also in same situation, please share if you have got the solution.

yes it is possible to extend the exit & re-entry visa. but you will need support from your employer. your GRO will have to visit MOFA and get an extension and then your dependent can travel with that paper.


Anyone has a successful procedure for extension of exit re entry in saudi arabia? My husband is in the kingdom and had a letter from his sponsor to allow my re entry to extend and it has already stamp from the ministry. After that they advice my husband to send the letter from my place of origin where im currently staying. But is their other way that my husband can finish the processing there in the kingdom?

it is possible to get the extension of exit re entry visa


Please let me what is the process of exit Re-entry visa extension in online.

yes its can be done but there is a process to be involved to get it done

yes that is possible

Can anyone explain the process of extending exit re entry (dpendednts outside)?????????

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