Speaking English

We are a couple (30 and 32 years old) of French and we are looking for people to practice our English close to Narbonne or Béziers.
Of course we can help expat to speak French.

Do you know some association that permit exchange between expat and French?



Well, I know that there is a little commercial activity in Montpelier, bringing people together to practice speaking the two languages - but that is quite far from you. Is it Narbonne or Béziers?

I live in Thezan les Béziers. I am actually Norwegian but everyone there speaks good English because we have to. There are so few people in the world speaking our language :-)



We have a couple of groups in Sète, if you like:
- Thursday mornings 9:30-11:00 Brasserie le Victor Hugo
- "Sailor's club" meets for "bring some food to share" lunch, 1st Wednesday of each month (except this January, it's the 10th), 42 Grande Rue Haute
- Monday and Thursday hikes: see the Facebook group AOCSete


thank you for your answer! In fact we live in Nissan so between Narbonne and Béziers it's quite the same for us!

Concerning your proposal in Sete, it's interesting, quite far from me, but I will check the events!



Hi Julie and Bin,

Sounds nice. You seem to have organized yourselves well in Séte. Unfortunately, it is one hour each way from where I live, so would not be very practical for me. Such a pity. Sounds fun.


Hi Bin 12,  :D

I have come across your request to find Expats in the region to practice your English with.  We are an Expat family located just outside the Narbonne area/region ...... Are you both still seeking friends to have language exchange with ???  Perhaps we could help???  :)


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