Do you know prices,

Can somebody write prices of:
1-) Tomato
2-) Lettuce
3-) Potatoes
4-) Chicken
6-) Beef
7-) Rice
8-) Onion
9-) Carrot
10-) Cumin
11-) Thyle
12-) Red pepper (powder)
13-) Black pepper (powder)
14-) Sun flower oil
15-) Olive oil
16-) Milk

Buy a bowl of soup, Sometimes $1 on the street and tastes delicious.

Thanks for advice but I am not about eating I am about cooking and serving food.

I am also interested to know what the prices are for these items in supermarkets in PP. I’d also like to know about other items such as shampoo, bananas and watermelons.

Why don't you guys go to a supermarket yourselves and find out about prices.

Prices differ from place to place, markets are cheaper in most cases, but that goes for fresh products like vegetables, meat, fruit.
For brand products supermarkets are needed. There are grades of supermarkets, from Family mart, small mini-mart, up until shopping malls like Aeon.

There are no general prices for products, so go out and find out.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

I am not in Cambodia and trying to have some info to decide come or not. I think this is so normal for this site.
I'm tired of unnecessary recommendations

You cannot decide if setting up a business in Cambodia is possible without being on the spot.

Get a short stay here and look for yourself what products cost. Isn't there any quality involved in food?
There are grades in food, different quality carries different prices. Quantities change prices, location, wholesale and so on.

Cambodia expat-advisor team


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