Game day

Watching the Army Navy game, going on at 31 degrees with plenty of snow falling.

Can't believe it!  Three seconds left, Navy behind by one point.  Navy goes for a 30 yard field goal... and misses.  Army won by one point.
Guess we'll have to wait for next year.

Man, Army won last year and again today... Go Navy! Rah, Rah Rah!!!

Yeah, but Navy won more times.  Navy will rise next year.

Yes, I hope so! Go Navy!!!


The Army was helped by the frigging snow.  They are more adapted to that type of weather than the Navy gentlemen.

To make sure our sailors win the next time, they should surreptitiously flood the field
with sea water before the game! Or put barnacles to trip the army guys! LOL!

I was thinking that in a day such as that, with temps below freezing, they should have worn wet suits instead of the regular uniforms.
Nonetheless, the no. 10 Navy touchdown was a beauty.

I am Air Force so no comment....LOL

Come on Craig, get off the fence.  Must choose a side :-)

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