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hi good evening to all of you i jus wanted to ask something about my situation and i needed the exact answer to relax my mind and stop nervous of everything.

month of september we inform our employeer to file a final exit for our contract has finish last november 7,2017 they said to go back in my country at center of december and sad part is i lost my iqama november 26,2017.i already report and told them but i didnt get any satesfyng answer that my nervous will be done because i am still working until now without iqama.

now my question is How to know if i have already a final exit visa without knowing my company? just to check if they already process it. thank you and hoping a satesfying answer for my nervous is killing me softly here. 😢😢😢

I have a very long version of these. Lol

*how to check the status of final exit visa*
1. Visit www.moi.gov.sa>> you can also read the "public query of exit/re-entry visa status"
2. Enter your "iqama number", "sponsor ID", captcha, "visa number" and "passport number" >> click the "view" button

Another website to check visa status is: 1. Open www.mol.gov.sa.
2. In the 2nd box رقم الاءقامة enter your iqama number then the captcha >> then click button بحث
٣. If your final exit visa is still in the process or you are still working you will see خروج نهاي

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