visit of my wife to arabia saudi

good day
i will move To jeddah very soon and i would like To know the below
1-if my wife can visit me alone. means if she can take the flight without having a mahram with her?
2- if i can travel out from arabia saudi whitout any request at any time?
waiting your coments


For the first question: Yes. All that you need to submit a visit visa from Saudi Arabia. But it depends on your job. Some jobs don't have this privilege.

For the second question: I didn't understand exactly your point, but in general, if you have iqama you can't leave until you have a visa to get out and return. But if you come on a temporary visa and using your passport you can leave anytime.

tnks flow4it for the answer.
regarding my second question ,i heard from a friend that if u have a iqama and you want To travel To your home country for exemple you need To get an approval from arabia saudi To leave temporary the country and also you have To paye an amount depend on the time that u will spend out. is this true?

Yes, that's true. But the amount is just a fee for the visa. It's around 100$. But you must pay your VAT and tickets before you leave the country even for a holiday.

many tnks

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