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Hi, I'm from Indonesia, previously I have worked for a Western and Asian dining restaurant in Indonesia for one and a half year in the kitchen and managerial section. And I also have experience doing freelance graphic design works previously. I can speak English, Indonesian, Chinese (little), and Japanese (little). I am looking for a job, if you have any please help and contact me. Thank you very much.


Your chances are slim to none. Why are you looking for work here?

mabuhay! welcome to the philippines!

those jobs here would earn little for you. considering that the living cost here is more expensive than in indonesia. if you want to earn big and have a good living here, you can try to apply in bpo company for call center agent, content analyst or content moderator for bahasa indonesia. we roughly make 50k-90k pesos/month.

those jobs that you mentioned, it might just give you 18k-30k. and pretty sure it's gonna be hard for you cause filipinos can do those. but for bilingual bahasa indonesia job, no filipino can do that, unless they study bahasa indonesia.

good luck! :)

FortuneFavorsTheBold :

Your chances are slim to none. Why are you looking for work here?

not slim to none as long as he's willing to work in bpo. we make a good living by being bilingual employee in a bpo company. :)

hi , you want find a job?
our company has recuritment
but chinese priority, reading, listening, speaking, wiriting 

you can over all can join our company

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