Moving to philippines from USA

I'm a retired US army my wife is filipina. We wish to move from United States to the Philippines. We are looking for guidance on what I (the husband) needs as for as a visa? Thanks for any help.

hi my name Is Aaron and it sounds like I'm getting ready to go through the process that you've already been through. I was wondering how difficult it was to bring your wife into the U.S?  my fiance lives over there and in May we're planning on getting married and then she will move here so that we can save money and start a family but we intend on retiring over there. any help or advice you might have would be greatly appriciated.

Just make sure you have copies of all documents birth certificates, educational documents hers. If you are divorced you will need the divorce creeds also the last 3 tax returns
Pictures of you and her and proof you have been supporting her finicial

thank you for the information.

My husband a u.s citizen, travelled with me at the same time and he's allowed to stay in Philippines for one year without any paperworks.

We just showed our passports (showing the same family name) the immigration officer didn't even ask for a marriage certificate or any other document. They put a stamp that says it's valid stay for a year.

What I know is he has to apply for residency if he wish us to continue to live here in Philippines.

I have my 10year residency still valid upto 2027 in U.S and will be invalid if I stay longer than one year here in PH.

First of all, What is the question on your post. What is a 10year residency status? Are you just a green card holder or is this working visa ? Is your husband full or part American, born and raised in US or Phil.? Your best bet is to inquire with US Immigration and completely inform them what your intentions are in regards to your plan move with a 10 year residency status in US. As for your husband, if he is not Fil/Am and 100% American born and raised, he can only stay up to 1 year from the date his passport was stamped upon entry. If he overstayed in the country, he will be paying a hefty amount at the airport before he can get a clearance to depart. He can go to the Bureau of Immigration to apply for extension yearly for a fee. He can apply for immigrant residency but this will be a very long and agonizing process (almost everything here in Philippines, processing takes forever!!). And it will take a toll on your expenses, the travel to and fro, manila to residence. Well, this may not very much help but, it is best to get the facts straight from the horse's mouth and in black and white document. Good luck!


I wasn't asking anything, I was giving an info to the post above about moving from USA to Philippines, Thanks though.

Yes I know about my husband(born and raised American) that he can only have a year stay here in Philippines. And what he has to take next, in order to be a legal resident here is not as much process as that we've undergone to bring me  to U.S and be a legal resident(2years conditional, greencard and after the removal of condition: green card valid for 10years). I am also sure that the amount wouldn't be as hefty as what we've spent going thru U.S immigration but I sure appreciate that you mentioned it. Thanks!

Marxel, you are right, it is  not expensive to get permanent visa here in Philippines, I am doing one right now, it is simple and easy to do, just few trips to Manila that is it and wait up to 3 months, but if I pay 30.000php one month only and no need to go to Manila, and my Wife is getting Australian permanent, but my god what a mess, so much to do and lots of documentations to supply, at times we think is it really worth the effort,
but we have a Son born in Australia, and schools are great there, so our life will be there one day.


Thanks for sharing.
We are here in Philippines cuz my husband and I never had this much time together when we were in the U.S, I go to work at day, and he spends at work when I'm home. So we spent 3-4 years saving in U.S and investing in the Philippines.

Now we are here Every thing is slower, and more time consuming on almost everything . That's just the way it is.  Patience is a virtue 😅

Great idea to get education from where you've been, but there could also be great schools here in the Philippines. You just have to be very keen  in choosing which one.

Wish you all the best!

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