red signal jump

Hi everyone,

I had a same incident of jumping the red signal while coming towards Matra around 11am in the morning, crossing the round about near Darsait Lulu. I was trying to turn left hoping to move towards Matra and was in the first track of the road marked with the left turn symbol. As soon as I took left turn, did I realize that it would take me to u turn rather than going straight to Matra and the signal there was red. In making a swift attempt to change the track and get into the right track which was green, flash zapped two times as I had already crossed the boundary lane towards red signal.

It is not that I came straight and purposefully crossed the red signal, but it happened unfortunately while trying to change the track towards right side. This is my first traffic violation ever in Oman after getting the license 5 years back. I was with my family and was in a rental vehicle. I would like to know three things here.
1. What is the procedure in case one makes a violation with a rental vehicle?
2.The incident happened on Last monday (4-Dec-2017) and I plan to go to India in Jan-2017. Will there be any issues for my journey?
3.Is it possible to convince ROP to get a waiver considering my first violation and that it was not made purposefully being not so familiar with the location and was not a rush road then.

Looking for your valuable response.

Dear shafeertk,

I did the same mistake last Thursday.Can you please update about your case?

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