V.I.E (expat)at Turino in the beginning of 2018 - COST OF LIFE

Hello everyone,

I will begin soon a V.I.E (French young expatriation) at Turino for a global company and I am very lucky because an another company is proposing a V.I.E too at Brussels.
These two jobs have an equals interest that is why I will do the distinction with the environment.
I precise in both case I will win 2 100€ in incorporating the others advantages and both contract will start in the beginning on February 2018.

Now I need to make a choice :-) , and the cost of life in each city will help me.
Could you please give me your point of view and how much the basic needs (housing, transport, food) cost.
How is the student life in Turino?

Many thanks in advance,



Welcome to the forum :)

Try www.numbeo.com for cost of living etc in both cities.

Many thanks Stumpy

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