Relocating from SA to Mauritius

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I'm new on the site and are looking for some advice and assistance from all those people who went through the same thing. We are a family of 4. Myself, my wife and our two little boys (2.5 years and 3 Months)
We are looking at relocating to Mauritius and would like to know what the entire process entails and where to starts.
My wife is a Registered ICU Nurse and have a degree in Critical Care and I'm in the Hospitality Industry ( Assistant General Manager of a Hotel) I believe that both of  these career paths are of high demand in Mauritius and that we both will get a good job easily

Please can anyone advise us where to start and what to do in order to get the ball rolling. Im 31 and my wife is 28 years of age

Tank you in advance

Which country are you coming from?

From South Arica

In my humble opinion, it is advisable to start contacting potential employers and see what's on the plate for you. Yes, it is true that demand for such expertise exist, however they are in heavily regulated industries. Foreign labour is therefore also subject to specific regulations.

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All depends on which ground you want to come to Mauritius
If you want to come here as a professional
you need to apply for a job and have a positive response
then the company where you get the job should be making all your paper work for you to have a work permit

if not, you can come here as an investor to develop your own business and have your own company which requires a minimum investment of 100,000 USD

And last resort if for you to have a residential permit of 99 years included all your  family members after buying a PDS ( Property Development Scheme )


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