Health insurance for Expats

Dear Experts,
Kindly help , As an Expat can I buy health insurance and get immediate cover from the purchase of policy in Malaysia or will they be a waiting\cool of period for few days\ months before I can buy or policy can get effective?

Should I buy a 3 month travel health insurance form home country to be on the safer side?

What are the good expat health insurance options?

Considering family of 3 with a 1.5 year baby who will need vaccination?


You can purchase local hospitalization cover once you get your immigration passes in your passports. So good idea to buy travel insurance to cover the gap.

The companies have different policy terms and if there are pre-existing conditions there may be a waiting period or a complete non-insurable status. You choose yourself the level of reimbursable coverage you want to pay for.

But it is only hospitalization coverage so visits to GP etc. are not covered - so vaccination even if done at a pediatrician at a hospital will mean you paying the cost yourself.

Buy your insurance direct from the company as their premiums include 10% add on to pay agents. So if you do it yourself, you get the 10% deducted from  your premium.....

Thanks Gravitas!! Appreciate your help

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