Accomodation and Traveling in Dammam and Khober

Asalam o Alaikum. Hope you guys are doing fine. Well i am new in KSA and currently in Jeddah and got an offer from Dammam( Location : Click Here For Location )
well i am confuse where to move. what i heard from friends is there is no accommodation available near this location ?  So i will not get my room near my office. So i was thinking about moving in Al khober becouse what i heard is Al khober is much better than Dammam and its nice in there as compared to Dammam. Dammam is like a copy of Jeddah but just lesser traffic and people. But if shifted to Al Khober is there is any local transportation available  like bus or anything  to the Dammam ?
And also just want to know the accommodation cost of both in dammam and al khober? Is it cheaper than jeddah or the same ?
i dont have my driving liences yet.  Thanks in Advance

You can use über/Careem !!

The location you shared is near to Mina Port, Dammam. It will be better for you to find an accommodation in Dammam, near football stadium. Going on by taxi, uber etc wont be economical. It will be better to find an accommodation near to the flat of someone else working in the same office / location.

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