How to check S Pass status personally online

Hi guys, please teach me how to check my S Pass status personally online. Im from Philippines, and let me tell you what happened.  I just renewed my S pass last April of this year but unfortunately our 2 bosses had some sort of very deep misunderstanding which made them to decide to end their partnership. We lost our contract with our major client so i was kind of retrenched last July. My S pass then hadn't been canceled because i was suppose to find another job,  i decided to go back Philippines to take rest for a while. I brought my S pass with me and it is here until now. Anyway, part of the planning is that my boss will take me back once his new company will start having more client and i heard they will have soon. That's it, please give me your advise...  I need to know to avoid problem with immigration officer when i come to Singapore..

Thank you...

I just want to verify if my pass is still active after 5 months of my retrenchment. 
Anyway their new company has not changed its name. still the same name.

You need to check with your employer whether they had cancelled your S pass or not? If not then you are still employee in that firm and by law you should get paid 5 months salary. So, chances are high that your employer must have cancelled your S pass.

On your query about how to check, visit MoM website or click below link: (key your FIN number) …

Thank you Surya2k....

With your FIN number and a SingPass (government login password), you can check the status of your work pass (i.e. whether it was cancelled of not) in MoM's EPOnline system.
The employer must cancel your work pass as soon as your employment status ends.
If they didn't, you are still employed (and entitled to salary, as Surya said - you will also have to pay tax to IRAS on that salary, so better claim it from the company!).
As long as your work pass is still valid, you can enter Singapore at any time.

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