Marriage visa in Germany between a Canadian and Non-German EU citizen


I'm a 27 year old Canadian woman that's been living in Berlin for over three years now (first on a youth mobility visa, then work visa with Hard Rock cafe, now a freelance visa as an "english teacher", that expires in a year). Once I've recieved my B2 German, I will make an "ausbildung zum erzieher" (I already work in a kindergarten/kita). I've been with my boyfriend here for over 2 years now. he is from Portugal. We have been discussing marriage.. not only because we want to ( <3 ), and also to make my visa possible simpler in the long run without always having to switch them, and being limited in terms of employment, etc etc. But we are already so confused on the process and where to even start with figuring it out, and how it works with him portuguese, but a member of the EU, and us getting married and living in Germany? We've been already advised to go to Denmark. :P

Any advise, tips and leads in the right direction would be really appreciated! :)


Whoever advised you is right: Marrying in Denmark (or elsewhere) and getting it recognised in Germany is far easier than doing the same here.
As a spouse of EU national living in Germany, you can then get a family reunion visa to join him. You don't even need German skills (which spouses of Germans do).
Contact your country's German embassy, or your local Auslaenderamt, for the procedures and paperwork required.

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