International schools for indian kids

Hi ,
I am currently living in qatar n my husband is planning to move to Batam indonesia
My consern do they have good schools in and around batam  as my son is 5 years old n is studying in DPS qatar
So I was wondering if there are any good schools in and around Batam
Pls help

I can't comment about the schools in any way as I have never visited them but the links might get you started

Hi, I’m in Batam and they are two schools expats use with various nationalities attending, these include European and Asian children  (mostly) all lessons are taught in English, typically families whom I know personally have only good things to say about one of the schools that’s the 2nd link Fred has posted (that one is actually INDEPENDENT SCHOOL and NOT the International school ) the website address needs updating)
They follow uk or Australia education wise and all religions faiths are welcome, however only Islam is taught as a religion, they are also several good none Islam based schools available if that’s your preference
Your sons age is no issue but if possible get a copy of any school reports to ease transfers
If you one of you is Indonesian you will possibly need the normal documents (I’m not sure what is needed I know kk is one) if neither of you are Indonesian possibly others here can offer advice

I have moved to Kota Tangerang few weeks back. I m looking forward for my daughter's school admission. She is 2.5 yrs now and will turn 3 yrs on 12th March 2018. In India Prep1 or K1 elilgibility is 3 yrs as on 31st march my daughter would have been eligible for K1 had she been in India. In Indonesia most schools in south Tangerang I find that the criteria is 4+ for prep 1 ....5+ for prep 2 and 6+ for STD 1... In that case my daughter wud face a year lag when she goes back to her country... Can anyone please explain the process.....can there be exceptions to the admission process.

Preschools will commonly accept kids around 3 years old. Shop around.

Thanku.. any gud schools u can recommend in south Tangerang...bsd city


See which ones you like the look of and visit.

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