Want to know about student visa

Hi guys....
Any body help to inform me How to apply student visa for kids..

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This article may probably help you : Visas for Malaysia .

As you are new on the forum, it would be nice if you can tell us a bit more about yourself and about your expatriation project.

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Do you have a work permit? Do the kids have Dependent Passes?

Im here from visit visa...now applying work permit. .kindly inform me about work permit cost and procedure..

The employer has to make the application. It should cost you nothing. So you get a job with a salary of over RM5000 per month and the employer can also apply for a dependent pass for your child.

Other option is Guardian visa, where you have to show offshore income of about R7-10,000 per month and enrol the child at an international school (cost from about RM3k per month). Only one GV possible and the child must be 6 years or older.

Foreign worker visas do not allow dependents to stay with you in Malaysia - only Professional Employment Passes.

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