Car share across the Bahrain Causway

Hi My name is Andrew,

I am due to relocate from Saudi Arabia to start a new job in Bahrain at the end of Jan 2018, but sadly my wife will still be working in Khobar.

Whilst I will be able to transport my wife over the causeway at weekends we were hoping that there is someone out there who lives in Bahrain but works in khobar and for a fee would be happy to transport my wife during the week, so that she could also reside in Bahrain.

Thanks for any help

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to

I suggest you to drop an advert in the Carpooling in Manama section of the website, it might help you.

Best of luck


Thanks Chris

there are also drivers/taxi services who would do what you want. You'll only have to manage until June when she can start driving herself...

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