Taxation of world income

I am in the process of setting up a 2nd home in Tanzania. My first home is in Germany and I am employed in German. My earnings are subjected to German tax. Getting out of German tax is impossible.

Now, a residency permit for would make some things in Tanzania better. Except that Tanzania taxes the world income of any resident person.  I would like to know more details about that. I am especially interested if taxes paid in the country where the income was generated are credited towards the Tanzanian taxes.  Since German taxes exceed 30% that would void any double taxation by Tanzania.

Does anybody know more?
Can anybody point me towards a lawyer or a tax consultant for competent advice?



Thanks for your post.

I unable to find Double Taxation Treaty between Tanzania and Germany. Tanzania has double taxation treaties with the following countries: Sweden; Canada; Denmark; Finland; India; Italy; Norway; South Africa.

Let me know if I can do something for you.


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