Dataflow no barcode and reference number access


I need your advised ..I'v done data flow and done process my Nurse MOH certificate all of this done by my employer.

The problem is they will not give the barcode , reference number of my saudi health commession or even a copy of the receipt.

I only have is moh copy.

I almost done my contract and based on the past experienced many exit nurses they will not give a copy of data flow.

Any means solution for this if thy will not give?
If they will not give where can i go to get a copy.

Thanls for any reply.

did you try to contact MOH about this

Not yet .

Do you have i.d for saudi council?

You can request your dataflow results just email the dataflow, after 2 days they will give you the reference number

Hello! egmeds25 i have the same situation like yours, what did u do? Did u already get a copy of your data flow record? Thank u so much.

Hello! do u know what's the email address? I'll try to send them email.Thank u so much.


Yes I have an ID.

But I don’t know the email address of data flow.

Where can I find it.

I’m waiting for your reply...

I don’t know also the email address.
If you have information can u send me also .


Hello! If u want to retrieved your data flow record just go to their website,then click support/contact us. Fill up the blanks there and for the barcode box just enter your passport no.(the passport that is being used during your dataflow application).then u need to register your active email address... At that moment they will send notification to your email. Just wait for 48hrs then they will send you your copy of data flow.
I hope this helps u. Goodluck

Note: put your request on message box.

Thank you for your reply .

I filled up already and submitted .

I received already an email .
I am waiting for 48 hours.


Hi! How to activate another email? I don't know my reference number.

Maam did u already retrieve ur dataflow because we r in the case.. Hope u reply

Did u already retrieve ur barcode and payment of reciept because we are in the same situation.. I dont know what to do anymore.. Hope u reply

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