New visa laws starting January 1 2018

They say no more visas at airport must do on line and will cost about $160  and your leangth of stay will be determined by them and why you are coming to Egypt   And to get married will be denied unless you have lived in Egypt for extended period of time

Omg why are they making it so hard ? Can you inbox me please ? It’s urgent.

Hi. Just been reading your post. I'm a little worried now. I have a 2 weeks holiday booked in january. Can I not just pay my £25 at the airport when I arrive anymore

Apparently not 😞

Do you know of a link so I can read up on it please. I have tried Google but it just keeps saying we have to say at the airport

I’m sorry no, I’m in Egypt I’ve been here since October. I’ll try to find out.

Your worried I am scared to death my home has been in Egypt for 11 years I have no place to go but have to see my mother every year she is 99 I have to see her every year what if I am denied a visa or they only give to me for two week visa where do I go I have the link the United States is on it but they have not decided on the amount right now is $160 no more visas at tbe air port There has to be another way

Is there a lawyer out there that knows more that can tell us what to do thank you

I hope the odd be in your favor.but i think they do it for make the procedure more easy

here is the link if someone is looking for

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