Supporting a degree student in Venezuela

I have been approached to help support a young man in Venezuela.
I have been told he graduated summer 2016 with a bachelor's degree in a science subject, the education was free.
He says he has been awarded a second 4 year degree course in a similar science subject but at the University at Coro.
I have two questions if anyone can offer any advice for me.
Firstly, I know education is free in Venezuela but is it really possible for a young person to graduate with bachelor's at age 23, and then one year later, at age 24, begin a second 4 year bachelor's degree and still have that second degree course free from the government?
Secondly, the course in question is Biomedical Engineering at the university in Coro.  Allegedly, he went to register in September and was told that particular course had been cancelled for first year students but would begin, instead, in January 2018 (losing just the first semester.  I have made efforts to contact the university (not speaking Spanish did not help) and I have sent numerous emails and left messages on two Facebook pages for that univeristy - in English and Spanish with Google translation.  I have not received a response from any so I turn to the people on this forum for assistance.
Although I do not have much money myself, the small amounts required to help support this young man would certainly not break the bank, as it were.  He has asked for payments to be made to his PayPal account but PayPal are unable to assist me with the validity of that account.  As you can imagine, I do not wish to be the victim of a scam when my little bit of money could actually help someone genuine.

this is a scam. 
Obvious because of the lack of communication from the universities.
Whilst the amount seems small to you, if they scam only 50 other people it then becomes a great deal of money.
My call would be to forget it and keep your money.

That is beginning to be my thought also and I am very surprised at no response from the University since it is the main one in Coro.  Sadly, being around 3,000 miles away and not speaking Spanish, I could not really telephone.  Thank you for you reply, it is appreciated.

If I were you I would forget about it. Keep your money. It is really hard to find info in English using only social media.
Take care,

My apologies, I should have updated this thread.
I can report that because I (and I know of at least one other) had sent numerous small amounts of money via PayPal, I sent a report to PayPal via their website.  They conducted an investigation and emailed me with a freephone number to contact a certain person there.  I did so and had a very detail conversation.
The email address for the other person was, in fact, registered with PayPal from a Venezuelan address.  However, the updated information on the PayPal site showed this person was no longer living there.  Naturally, they could not reveal the location other than it was nowhere near the original address, adding that it would be quite easy for someone in Venezuela to be handling that account and then sending the money on to the person.
I was also told that this PayPal account has been extremely active for a number of years - clearly meaning many people have, perhaps still were, depositing small sums of money for this person.
In addition, it appears the person who owns this PayPal account is not male.
I was told the matter was in the hands of the PayPal legal team and that I could speak with them if I wished.  I declined the offer, adding that I am sure they will contact me if they needed further information.
Therefore, this was indeed a scam, a very clever one, where even the gender of the person was changed, and it seems the lady was not acting alone but in concert with at least one person who it is believed may be her partner or husband.
Thank you to all.  I still feel totally idiotic for falling for this scam but it is a lesson I have learned.  I lost money, thankfully not a huge amount, but it showed me how easy it is to be taken in.

Hi Tobes.
Maybe the idea is taking this experience as an opportunity to learn, keep the insight, and     be aware.

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