Raising kids in Kuwait

Hello everyone,

How is raising kids in Kuwait different from raising kids in your home country?

What are the activities that your kids seem to enjoy the most in Kuwait?

Do you feel that the country is "family-friendly"?

Do you recommend Kuwait as a good place to raise kids? Why or why not?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


To my knowledge, raising a kid in my country is far better than here. Back in my country, they have all the time after school to do whatever they want, they can play with their friends, go to their houses. They are allowed to roam freely. But here so far I have seen, no children are coming out of their homes. Even if they come outside, it would probably for food or to play in a well-maintained environment. They are not free at all when comparing with my country.

Good schools are very less in numbers here. Standard of education in Paksitan is way better than the options we have here. An international cirriculum with cost of KD 3500 per annum per kid is not feasible for everyone but only 1% or 2% of the parents in Kuwait.

Other than that, I think it's a good safe place with less crime rate. Police and authorities are also active.

September onwards untill March end, weather is excellent to do outdoor activities and family fun. Parks, beaches and farms are widely available to have outdoor activities. However, April through August is warm enough to go out.

Dear Priscilla,

Raising kids in Kuwait is totally different from raising kids in my home country as both the quality of education and teachers are far better in Kuwait while learning process is heavily dependent on on line resources.

My kids enjoy Gymnastic as well as swimming in Kuwait along with outdoor activities in winter time.

Yes, definitely, Kuwait is a family-friendly place.

Yes I do recommend Kuwait as a good place to raise kids.

Best Regards
Dr. Magdy Ali

Well the best thing is kids should rise in front of the parents, as today's world is not suitable for lone kids, which is almost not possible for NRI's, schooling is very costly here in Kuwait, the education is in average. Well if someone can afford British or American school then it is better, but that is very rare.
In india the education is cheap and best compared to Kuwait, it depends some people can put there kids there and can sacrifice and some cannot live without kids.
If someone does not have choice to keep the kids there in India and can afford the schooling then it is also good, Let them complete schooling till 7th here and go back to country after 7th class and get the registration there in India, this will help them to achieve good education in higher classes and they will also participate in higher exams, they will not come under NRI quota. if kids leaving Kuwait after 12th they will be in NRI Quota that is almost private.
My kids are here in JIS school they are doing good Alhamdulalh, this year my daughter will complete 7th and I have planned to put her in native land school, we have very good education system there in Kashmir all though people speak bad about Kashmir as they watch fake news yet Kashmir was declared 2nd rank in education in 2017.
Best of luck to all the parents, Educate your children, is the only reward that you get from these Dinars rest all will go by the time. Concentrate on your children and make them happy. Dream your childhood missing gapes in your kids, source them what you had not in your childhood. Shukran

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But I known from  my friends how’s thy are already getting married and have kids , they have good feeling

Raising kids in Kuwait is a little difficult, but no more difficult than raising kids in any other country that is foreign to you.

I have two kids, aged 2 and 5.  one is in pre-school and one is in kindergarten.  The american/british/english K-12 schools here are expensive, no getting around that but I'm lucky in the sense that my work helps pay for that.  The pre-schools are actually less than what we were spending in the US.  (I know, it was a shocker to us too) and they're very nice.

The other kids are friendly here.  I mean, bullies will be bullies, and of course they look for any kid they can single out, so my kids have had a run in with a couple kids who were awful, but I dont think bullying is specific in any way to kuwait.  In fact, I think it was probably worse where I was vs where I am now.

True your kids cant just hop on a bike and ride down the sidewalks, play ball in the street and whatnot.  But near my house in Mangaf, there are TONS of places for the kids to be kids.  Parks, the Miral, the beaches.  We're a block and a half from the beach and go there quite often.  In all, I think there are easily 5 outdoor places within a 5-minute drive where my kids are free to be kids.  There are also a few go-cart tracks, billions of bouncy castles, and indoor trampoline parks if you wanted to spend a little money.

Living with kids in kuwait is going to be exactly what you make of it.  Kuwait isn't perfect, but my kids and I are having a great time here.

Great post. I will be in Kuwait soon with a 4 and 7 year old. As long as there are parks and sports they can join, we will love it!

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