Medellin Expats At Mercado Verde Sunday 3 April (Tomorrow)

Tomorrow is the Mercado Verde at the Botanical Gardens here in Medellin. Come on, come all. We will meet in the patio outside the In Situ restaurant inside the Botanical Gardens near the north end. Looking forward to meeting as many people as want to share part of an afternoon getting to know one another.

For more about the botanical Gardens please follow this link:

See ya there,
Phil Bunch

Well I did not see anyone there yesterday. Perhaps we can try again in May.

Hi pbunch,

I guess you should post at least two weeks in advance ?

My first post was a month in advance. I will try some more frequent followup. Is there as way we erase some of the posts soa not to clutter up the board?

BTW One guy dis show up but we did not connect. We need to have a better way of identifying ourselves when we reach a venue.

Hello pbunch,

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