Raising kids in Finland

Hello everyone,

How is raising kids in Finland different from raising kids in your home country?

What are the activities that your kids seem to enjoy the most in Finland?

Do you feel that the country is "family-friendly"?

Do you recommend Finland as a good place to raise kids? Why or why not?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Generally raising kids here is good but expensive kindergarten fees for most ordinary people. Education is generally robotic and robot teachers often lack many important human skills which of course rubs off negatively onto the kids. 8 out of 10 generally. However, teachers only 6 out of 10 but also depends on where you live.


My name is Shahida and I am currently in Malaysia. May I know which schools your children is attending? Do you think  you could help me get in touch with the teachers? Please?

Hi Andie,

I'm Shahida from Malaysia. I was wondering if you know any Finnish teachers who are teaching in comprehensive schools that I can call and ask a few questions regarding the school there?

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