Temporary Residence Permit?

Been staying and moving from Romania (Bucharest) back and fro to my homeland after every 3 months' stay in each country (due to the fact that I am only allowed for 3 months' stay in Romania. Is there any way for me to apply for temporary residence permit so I could stay longer in Romania with my romanian boyfriend. We planning to get married next year but still a long way to go so...

Your options are to:

1. Get married
2. Open a business
3. Get hired here

Neither of the first 2 options are easy :)  Maybe others have some ideas also.

Expat.com Experts Team

It depends on your skills. I don't need to work because I have an American pension, but even with this sufficient income I cannot stay. My way was to put out feelers to ONGs looking for a Volunteer Contract, which, with the purchase of Romanian health insurance fulfills the Residency Permit requirements. I am an unpaid volunteer English conversation tutor (with a signed one-year renewable contract) for 3 days a week at a local high school. This may be an option for you. Plus it gives something to the local community. You can't sit in the park or café watching the world go by every day. ;) So much the better if you have significant skills to offer. Good luck.

Where are you from ?

I got my 'Permis de Sedere' last week. I'm good for a year.

Hi I am from pakistan I get my permis de sedere temporara for a family member My Wife is Romanian Citizen I want to know can i travel to other Eu countries with out my wife? Please guide me about it thanks

Oh. You mean the OP. Sorry.

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