Political Crisis

The communists have resorted to wide spread looting and burning down private property, as the Nationalist party has once again won free elections. The country is extremely tense, with roads shut down and extremely limited amount of gasoline available. A six pm to six am curfew is in place. Individuals who are caught with stolen property face thirty years of incarceration!

Any concerns about losing investment if socialist party takes power?  I don't think this election dispute is going to end anytime soon.


And no the socialist party will not be taking over  :dumbom:

The so-called "alliance" (socialist-right center) against Nationalist President Juan Orlando Hernandez, has been disbanded.
Led by socialist expresident Manuel "Mel" Zelaya (ousted in 2009 because he is a communist), the left wingers created chaos, road blocks and looting to protest what they call a "fraud". They had annouced months before the election that if they lost, they would not accept the results!
So, right wing conservatives are still in power. They promote foreign investment and protect it.
President Hernandez has lowered the crime rate drastically.
The only problem is that government officials have been accused of corruption and connections to narcos. Hopefully, this corruption will diminish. And President Trump favors this side of the political spectrum. (Better than left wing liberals that follow a Venezuela style socialism)
So, expect more order in the country and more safety.
Blessings to all.

Great post !!

Feliz Navidad.  Hope the forum Nazis don't sensor my Spanish Merry Christmas wishes.

Haha Merry Christmas

Well I hope all communists read well the Manifesto and Das Kapital. They could not accept the election results, so in fine communist fashion they hired thugs and gang members to loot, burn, destroy and used extortion. Yes, the Socialist Alliance. How sweet! Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun! Mao Tse Tung!!

Until the final victory, Comrades unite!!


The communists have put the area of tourism in the red. Ruining the best part of the year for needed income. The Moody´s rating will not remain stable, and the 4.0% economic increase will certainly fall along with the power of the Lempira, which had gained slowly against the US dollar! The communists do not realize that you must improve the macroeconomics first and then the micro economics. Viva Lenin, Viva Chávez, Viva Maduro!!

There is a video on all social media of venezuelans on a mile-long line to get gasoline!
The world's richest oil reserve country has no gasoline! That is what socialist expropiations have done. Also, a boatload of pig ham from Portugal that was  promised by venezuelan prez Maduro to his people (at least the people in his social socialism circle), was returned to Portugal because they were afraid of US sanctions, (or so the story goes) Anyways, there's video of people on the streets of Venezuela protesting because they have no food!
Ok, amigos, Feliz Año Nuevo!


The Socialists/Communists do nothing but destroy nations and their economies! I remember in 1999, talking to a woman from Venezuela, who was crying over how Chávez had destroyed her country. Look at what has happened since. Is capitaliism and democracy perfect?, No, but it beats the alternative! A Prosperous 2018!!!!

God.  I hate to talk about politics.  They're almost lies to obtain their business.
But the only difference between the Left Communist and the Right Capitalism is:
- with the Right you have a chance to vote for your favor as you wish.
- but not sure with the Left;  you only can vote what they allow you to vote: himself or his brothers: Mafia-Familia!!!
Looking at the Communist in China, north Corea, Vietnam and Cuba.  I'm the live witness from their Systems.

In Vietnam,  the bloody war took over 2 millions of poor innocent people who believed in EQUALITY -DEMOCACY  bla bla bla ...
Today communist GOVERNMENT taking back all "gifts lands" they gave to peoples who sacrificed their life and family for Lenin-HoChiMinh; and sell those lands to investors.
Imagine if you or your parents were in the Republican or Right side:
You're nothing in their eyes,  you're ever not their haft citizens. They can take and sell your intestinal parts like Communist China doing...
Hope poor inocente people in Honduras think twice before their decisions.  Without world knowledge, they easily being manipulate by a group of people who want Power. And who knows; some secrets countries want manipulate this small country as they are doing now in Africa countries: China!!!

Buena suerte.

Nasralla & Mel and their thieving thugs have decided to rest for a while! We all would like Kim Kardashian to be on X 0 Da Dinero!!

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