Searching for a job in Jakarta

Hello everyone,

my name is David and I live in Croatia but soon planning to move to Jakarta, where my Indonesian fiancee (soon wife) lives.

Since our intention is to stay in Jakarta, can you help me with the advice what is the best way to approach for a job search in Jakarta as a foreigner.

I know it is hard to find a job there anyway, but if anyone had a similar experience I would be grateful if it could be shared. Sending a CV randomly from Croatia seems to me like a waste of time. Do you think I could have more chance if approach to companies in Jakarta directly?

In Croatia, I am working as a Service Manager in one International company (Business equipment/IT) and have more than 10 years of working experience in people management, trainings, technical support, maintenance and service.

Thank you all for your answers.

Staying here legally is easy enough as you can apply for a wife sponsored KITAS but you may have to prove you have sufficient funds to live on without working.
That type of visa does not allow work of any sort but the fact is a lot of people don't work in their wife's business at all, at last officially.
Doing that would give your wife an income, if it suits your needs.

Getting legal work here is a bit harder as you have to prove you can do a job an Indonesian isn't available for before you can get a work permit.

You need to prove once married that your wifecam financially support you if on a wife sponsored Kitas and Will need to show bank statements as part of the process.

lukereg :

You need to prove once married that your wifecam financially support you if on a wife sponsored Kitas and Will need to show bank statements as part of the process.

This was hardly bothered with in the old days (I've never been asked for proof) but has that changed now?
I know things have moved on a lot since immigration cleaned up but I have no experience as it no longer applies to me.
Is it people from some countries, or are some ignored as they come from richer places so it's assumed they have the cash?

We had to show savings in the bank as part of the paperwork process and also to have 3 levels of area government approve my address all supported by colour documents of every piece of legal Indonesian paperwork even my birth certificate.

Dear members,

it's been awile since I've been on the forum and didn't manage to thank you for your answers.

My Indonesian wife is currently in Croatia and we have a common child born here few days ago. By the end of this year the lastest we are supposed to be in Jakarta for living.

Besides KITAS permit for me and financial prove we can support ourselves, do you know is there any privilege we can obtain since we have a baby together?
My wife have a small private business in Jakarta - do I need IMTA to work with her or KITAS/ITAS is enough?

At Indonesian embassy in Croatia we were told baby can have dual citizenship until 17 yrs old so I expect no problems when entering the country (we will also translate all documents to Indonesian language).

Thank you all for your answers in advance.

Your case is easy, and you're right about the baby's citizenship.
You should be able to get a KITAS with ease but that does not allow legal work of any sort. however, if you're working in the back out of the way, immigration tend to ignore it.
Immigration are far more interested in getting illegal workers taking jobs away from Indonesians rather than destroying marriages and leaving babies without fathers.

The big trick is sorting out all the small stuff and keeping local officials happy. Make sure you report to your local Pak RT and get a surat domicili, then pop to the local police station and let them know you're around. Start this lot on the first day, not the second.
Start the process to get a SKTT local ID card as soon as you have your KITAS. Start the KITAS process the day after you arrive in Indonesia or, even better, talk to your local embassy about it now.
If possible, legalise your birth certificate as some officials might ask you for that.
Always take photocopies of your passport and all documents with you as all concerned parties will want them.
Happy smiles work wonders when it comes to getting things sorted out, as does supplying good quality copies of documents.
One tip - Make sure you scan, print, and keep a copy of every document you ever get - these will help your case when you have difficulties and need to prove history.
I keep little files for each section, all documents set out for easy access on the off chance someone asks for something odd, and that has happened.

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