Christmas Lunch Conundrum

My Dutch husband and I stay in Rotterdam every Xmas.  Every year I struggle with making the perfect Xmas meal!  I would love to bake a leg of ham, but have no idea where I could buy one. Grateful for any advice!

If you approach a few local slagerij (butchers) in Rotterdam they should be able to offer you something. Alternatively if you approach butchers at your local weekly market, they should also be able to order something in for you or tell you who can provide it for you.  If they dont have it on hand, it could take them up to a week to order it in, so plan in advance. Good luck! :)

Didn't know the answer to this, so just asked my wife, she said the same as "The Foreigner" - ask at a Slagerij - many Dutch butchers trained in the UK, so should know what you mean.

Best of luck and Merry Xmas :)

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