Has anyone here tried to subscribe to HBO GO or the new HBO Now in the computer?
It has been one of my most frustrating experiences, going through Google Play Store or Apple I-Tunes.
Either way it seemed like I would have to use my cell phone, which I will not and, n any instance, when I was able to get somewhere I would get a message that I was out if the area where I could use HBO.
I gave up and will simply stick to Netflix, a much easier way to watch movies.
Have a good one y'all.

Yeah, make me very rich Ron... I´m a Netflix investor! I wander if you also buy Tesla and Apple which are a few of my favorite cult stocks!

What else is a better system to go? You  select the films you want and watch them at a time of your convenience! I watch them on my computer or on my smart tv.

I don´t want to experiment on those HBOs if they give a lot of problems... You still awake? I just arrived from Gramado after a dinner date!


Hey Robal, good for you.  I like it simple.
Yeah, having a very hard time falling asleep.  I am going to try again now.
Good night.

I wish Netflix would let us see all the programs that you can see in America. We get the watered down version. Not complete seasons is my complaint (TWD).

I really have not explored much of the Netflix
American version. The TV that I watch over there is still on cable.

In Brazil, I try to avoid the Netflix series versions except any Viking stories or about English kings and kingdoms like Henry the VIII or Anne Boleyn...

Action and adventure movies are my favorites.


I have both American and Brazilian Netflix. Pretty much the same thing. The American one knows we are foreign and doesn’t have what it would domestically.

Agreed Craig.

Thing is, Robal, Brazilian TV has absolutely nothing that can grab my attention.  I get the news from MSN, Yahoo (Brazilian Yahoo is a joke), and UOL.  One in a while I watch Jornal Nacional, but not often.
All this leaves Netflix for entertainment.   I do wish, however, that Netflix would stop resorting to Indi and Japanese movies in order to increase the "options".

GOOD! I thought it was REALLY very different.
I use my American credit card for the monthly pmt so they should know.

Agreed RON on the foreign movies. I don't
watch those nor ANY Brazilian TV programs.
Any news I get them all online wth BBC. CNN
and USA today. Ok, I also use Yahoo finance to
track my stock portfolio and also some Brazilian news. I only use the UOL to see the CAMBIO for the dollar before I hit the ATM machines. For Brazilian news I subscribe to the local paper NH to inform me of the local and nationwide news. It´s faster because I skim the paper really fast and focus ONLY on the important ones. I use their paper classifieds if there are any goodies...If you guys invest, I also use
Stock Gumshoe , Seeking Alpha,  Zacks .com
and Retirement Millionaire by Stansberry
Research. All on line.


Yeah Robal, Brazilian TV sucks.  In fact, having lived in Mexico and spending long time in Colombia for work, those TV programing are just as bad.
The humor seem to be at kindergarten level, way too influenced by "pie in the face" style acts, weird faces and excessive body movement.
I love to watch stand-up comedy, but not Brazilian.  I will watch George Carlin reruns for as long as they are shown, I enjoy Lewis Black's rants and a few others.  The problem that I see is too many comics needlessly inserting cuss words because it seems to be fashionable.  That I don't like.
Anyway, I wish Johnny Carson had lived forever.  Miss him.
I miss US TV as well.
I want to go home.

I liked Johnny Carson too although I had too stay late at night for that reason. He smoked too much - that I´m sure caused his demise. It´s really funny how you described them Latino comedy aspects. But they are true! Yeah, I really despise them obscene words that US comedians use. What´s the matter now with this people. You know, I was trained since I was little not to cuss and also use the f words and also n. My father was an old school and so am I.

You better believe how I miss everything home. But I go home every year so it´s not so much of a big deal.

I´m now really fully retired so I can go home anytime I want. Are you not going home this Christmas?


No Robal,  Christmas, the date in which I most want to be with my family, even more so than Thanksgiving, this year will be me, myself and I.   I will likely be talking to them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, via skipe video, but that will be it and it kills me.
Hopefully next year.

Robal, I don't mind cussing.  I even use cuss words often,  What I don't like is forceful inserting cuss words just to be cute or follow a wave.
Johnny was, in my opinion, the classiest act while being very funny.  He was funny even when his jokes bombed.  No one else could carry the Tonight Show as he did.
Carlin cussed a lot, but it seemed like it came naturally for him, not forced.
Lewis Black, because he always ranting, also uses cussing naturally.
There are some that I can't stand, like a guy, a southerner who's name I don't remember, started talking about sex acts while cussing, on a Netflix special, and I simply turne it off.  Stupid,  thought.
When I rant I cuss.  It is so bad that one of the first words my little girl said was "s**t".  I try to control it though.
If we ever meet I will try to avoid it, promise.

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