Probably silly question about postal service

Hi everyone!

My name is enrica, I'm moving to Siem Reap on the 14th of December to work during the turistical high season.
I'm really excited about this new adventure!!!

Because of my job I'd like to buy some materials from internet, through aliexpress mainly and maybe through european websites.

I've been warned it's really difficult to receive online purchases due to custom's control or just due to loss on the way?! Is it really that hard? Even with small packages from aliexpress store(that are usually located in the south east asia region?!?!)

Thank to everyone who'll be so kind to answer my peculiar doubt...😊



Hi Enrica,
I had many delivery's from outside Cambodia, by postal service, (computer, router etc. without any problem. But always registered. Also a cellphone send thru  DHL, no problem.
There are no silly questions, only silly answers. :-)

Thanks a lot for your answer!!!!!😊

Hope to be of some help. I attempted to order a small item from Amazon. , I had 2 addresses registered with Amazon and felt I had selected the Cambodian address for this item. The item was sent to my North American address where I will not be for another year. Then Amazon politely agreed to refund my cost for the item but had a re-shelving and shipping cost almost equal to the cost of the item. so the item will sit.

In addition: Only Amazon for me. I have tried to order other items, give Amazon a second chance. Many items on Amazon no matter what level you have with them, premier or not, can not be shipped to Cambodia.. not sure why.  Even many items which are right next door in Thailand can't seem to be shipped here to Phnom Penh, or anywhere else in Cambodia. That said, I did find two bicycle helmets that could be shipped from Thailand.  I ordered, got free shipping and they did arrive for pick up at the main Post office in Phnom Penh.. roughly 6 weeks after ordering, at that point I had purchased two helmets locally and now have 2 spare if anyone is looking to buy a new, in the package, bicycle helmet or two.. $10.00 each.  Good helmets not top of the line brand name of course. Paul in K and P in PP>

@klvogel: In my opinion, what you whrote, has nothing to do with customs, but with the sellers. They refuse to send items to Cambodia or handle the orders slow. I ordered many items outside Cambodia and within 2 a 3 weeks I was able to pick them up on the post office or DHL.

Excellent.. Good on ya and lucky you.  Yes, it is all individual and I hope any educated person reading any post will sort that out.

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