Setting up home in DAR

Hi everyone,
and thank you for the warm welcome here.

I am German. I have a Tanzanian girl friend and I am in the process of setting up a 2nd home in Dar Es Salaam. Until my retirement after many more years of work, this can only be a home for vacation and off-time from work.

I am here for answers for many questions about practical things. Like:

How to best move stuff from Germany to Tanzania

Marriage customs and what I need to know about marriage to a Tanzanian woman.

How to get permament residency privileges.

How to purchase, register and insure a car.

Can I purchase real estate? How?

Recommendation for trustworthy legal councelling.

And I guess more questions will come up as we get started. If anybody has pointers for any of these topics, please let me know.

With best wishes to everyone,


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Hi Paul,
Well,, karibu in Tanzania.
*Your Permanent residency can be obtained from the ministry of foreign affairs after acquiring all requirements.You can check: for residency permits.
* You can rent a vehicle Or a house using your passport but I am not sure about purchasing one as for my knowledge  working with an international organizations,. If I collect more info I will be happy to share with you.

Hey brother,

I want to say thank you for wanting to give the knowledge you have learned. I am coming to Tanzania for a visit in March, to see the country and we want to see how the real estate is (prices) but we don't know what city to go to or the best cities to go to.  Would like to invest about in some land, a nice lot maybe if we can find something in the 50, to 75,000 dollar range. We will be in Tanzania for about a week, need to what it takes to buy real estate property there, the in's and out's.  We will also spend one week in Zanzibar, what ever you can tell us would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you brother
James Webb

Hi James,
thank you for your reply.

I guess you do not have a Tanzanian passport. Then you cannot purchase land. You could pay somebody to buy the land and then lease it to you. Of course you would have to trust that person.

Also, before you become a resident - with or without a Tanzanian passport - you should look into possible tax issues. As far as I know Tanzania applies taxes to the world income of all residents. I have yet to find out if there are exceptions to that rule. You could possibly be taxed twice for the same income.

This is my current state of knowlege. If you know more I would be very interested.



No I don't have a Tanzania passport and the reason I am coming there is to find out everything, it is like a vacation and business all in one.  If it is too much I go someone else to buy property. How long have you live there and if you don't mind me asking do you own property there. I will be looking into the in's and out's once I arrive.  How is life there, I was told it a good life in Tanzania, maybe for now I will look into just buy land, not looking to roll out big money but if they are going to tax me twice I would do better coming there after I retire.  Please keep in touch as I am very grateful of the knowledge you have passed down to me.



The laws here in Tanzania do not permit land ownership by foreigners. According to the Land Act, 1999, non-citizens are not allowed to own land unless it is intended for investment or development use.
Phoepping stated that you could arrange with a trustworthy person to buy the land, then lease it to you. This method however is very risky as it is difficult to determine who is really a trustworthy person especially when it comes to money and property. This applies to both parties.

I myself am a Tanzanian with a 1600+ square metres plot near a beach here in DSM. I wanted to lease it out for a negotiable price of one thousand dollars per month, but some people I know have told me not to use real estate agents here as most of them are shady. So I thought, OK, I'll skip that method and find someone who would like to rent it - but then others have advised me that it may not be safe as I might end up getting someone who would grow illegal plants, like marihuana, on my land. Hearing such things stressed me out so I let my land stay idle for a while until I find a trustworthy person to lease it out to - or at least someone who is willing to build their residential home there, as I already have a building permit for this.

I advise all foreigners wishing to purchase land in Tanzania to follow this useful thread on tripadvisr for further insight: … zania.html

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