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So if we do relocate a big issue will be education and plan is to move next summer and I will have a 5th, 3rd, and kindergartener. My children are not fluent in Arabic or French. My two older sons study Arabic in the mosque here in Seattle. But that is really only for the purposes of learning to read the Quran correctly. They do not know how to write in Arabic. I feel if I enter them in a traditional school in tunis it would be too much for them and perhaps no one would know how to help them. See here in the USA we have a program to assist new student from foreign lands that do not speak English! But I am not sure Tunisia is able to offer that?! So my long question is, are there any schools that can accommodate both?? Thanks

Worry no more here is a new school in English:

Nothing in Tunisia will remotely be close to what we have back home..sending a car from Seattle it's the biggest hassle
( will not recommend ). But again car or Suv in ur case cs ur 5 is highly expensive..
The American embassy is no help..ur gonna be in for the chock of a life time...

I will not recommend this move!!!!


Thanks for your input.

Good day

Thanks i will look into it

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