Green Card in USA - Working in USA

I have been hoping to stay and working in USA.
I have been working in Singapore for 10 years, in transport industry. (Fleet management with customer service).

Any advise?

It will be hard to look for an employer in the US while you are employed overseas. If you work for a MNC, with ties to the US, you could ask for a transfer and hope for the best. I don't want to sound discouraging, but:

If you manage to find a company who is willing to hire you, this employer will have to sponsor your H1B visa, and pay the associated fees. They will likely have to hire an attorney because the process is long and complicated. They will have to show that there isn't another qualified American to fill this position, among other things. Also paying for relocation overseas is not going to be cheap either.
With the current political climate in the US, H1B visas may be difficult to get.

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