Living in Cambodia

After 8 years of relocation I would appreciate if you can refer to the follow :
1. How safe is it to live in Phenom Pen during day time and night time
2. Can you find western food in super markets
3. Emergency health care services and first aid clinic - how is the service and professionalize ?
4. Is air pollution is heavy?
Thank you

1. How safe is it to live in Phnom Penh during day time and night time

It's safe in general, but just mind your camera or phone on public places. Keep your belongings close to yourself at all times. There are bad and good everywhere, Cambodia or not.

2. Can you find western food in super markets

Yes, there's a lot around, easy to find.

3. Emergency health care services and first aid clinic - how is the service and professionalize ?

In any kind of service, you have to be patient. Don't expect them to know everything and that you will be pleased. Just be kind enough..

4. Is air pollution heavy?

Not so much

My two cents.....

Safe is often related to how careful you are yourself. PP is not more or less safe than other large cities.

Western food is available at many places, no problem at all.

Medical services are present, I use the Royal PP hospital for checking my blood once a year, luckily no other services needed but it is available there. It's a subsidiary of one of the best Thai hospitals and I must say it's state of the art. No need to go to Thailand for a MRI scan, ECG, blood dialysis, it's all there and their own lab gives fast results. All staff speaks English, the hospital is very clean and well maintained.
It might not be the cheapest but in health matters saving is not a good idea.

Air pollution? Yes, it's very well present, with all the traffic and even large heavy trucks crossing the city. I live in a clean--air city, visit PP many times but never longer than a week, then back to my clean air sea resort :)
Of course there are places in PP where there is not much traffic and the air could be better there.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

I live in Phnom Penh , all this is true, I think pp is safer than most large USA cities , well in fact it is safer by far, but be careful of your phone or bag at night, snatch and go is likely , a beat down like in USA for your shoes is unlikely, I find pp very safe! All kinds of food is easily available in pp, most people shop on the. Street as I do , not to many supermarkets, but so many options at the outdoor market, not only food but dry goods etc, enjoy it’s a great city!

I would agree with all of the above. Come to Phnom Penh expecting a big city and some big city problems. Garbage will sit by the side of most streets during the day but is most often picked up, (most of it) each night.. it has big city growing pains with the construction for sure and is a bit OVER built at the moment. Safe: in agreement with others. 3 months now, so very new but I and my partner bike and walk everywhere in the city with our bags night and day. Yes, snatching of bags and phones happens its a fact but keep them in your pocket, zipped or Velcro or buckle your bag.. don't have passports cash and documents in a pack or shoulder bag, have those in a money belt secure under a shirt the way I would travel in Europe, Mexico or even may locations in the US.. just smarter. Bags can be replaced and general stuff in them so that's all that should be in those shoulder bags and packs. If you have expensive stuff in them.. buckle up tightly and be smart about your location and travel.. Stuff can get snatched right out of Tuk Tuks and has happened but not an epidemic. Enjoy, it is rich with culture and the streets are very much alive most ours of the day and night

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