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There as been a Old Topic which as no Closed, there for Information on Zakert which may Help Others
1/ Zakert be very Careful I recently Purchased such Land But not until I put in for Planning Permission I found out  after Refusal Sum News which All should be Aware of. The Refusal was to the Fact that the Property was not a Named Main Road  but on a Unmade road, that being a Access to Land through Other People Plots and after Had the Sales Contract examined by a Lawyer found out That I had Wrights to Cross other People's Plots to gain Access to My Plot
2/ You still have rights to Construct a Building up to 3% of Gross Land Area But be very Carefull AS Local Planning Office use Satellite Vision to Check watt size is There, near to myself they Had overBuilt and a Order to Demolish was given
3/ Rezoning to Residential I Am ask The same Question I believe Not as these Plots wear for Cultivation of crops mostle for growing Grapes and Accommodation was only wor overnight staying  and I no sum people who Live there 24/7 But under watt Condition I am not Sure?
So to Conclude As anyone gone through the Process of recategorizing to Residential Permit please let myself have any Information Thanks Marwood 47

I have a somewhat similar issue in a smaller way.  My land was re-zoned, 25% to 20%.  Not only did it make my house too big, the boundaries were found to be incorrect and my neighbour had 30m2 of our land.  We're also likely to be in bother since our outbuilding is quite large and we probably just exceeded the 20% and due to mistakes by planners. 

You should note that (at least as far as we were concerned), if a building has been there more than 10 years, then it is given automatic permission.  You just need the neighbours to sign papers to say it was there 10+ years ago.   Your lawyer can help.

We never heard of anyone having to demolish anything - it's not like the UK when the planners turn up with bulldozers.  It would be grossly unfair for the local government to re-zone and then demand people knock their houses down.

You should also be careful with the stupidity of planning people.  We've only just noticed our outbuilding doesn't appear on our final house plans.  As far as we're concerned it was there before and isn't a question in the re-zoning or the fact the house plans draughtsman missed it out of our planning submission.  But then again, he made some other careless and basic mistakes as well which leaves us with some redesign work to fix.   

In my own area, people have built houses in excess of the 3% and no-one has ever said anything about it to them as far as I know.   And they live in them full time. You are supposed to get permission within say, 5 years of the planning submission but I have no idea if they really do much about it.  I think they built them illegally and will wait for the 10 years to pass.  We know from people here that the Mayor doesn't want to re-zone some parts of the village because it means they have to fix the roads, provide schools and more infrastructure.  So everyone lives on dirt tracks etc.  It's a kind of unofficial stand off - Mum's the word on both sides.

Big thanks fluffy2560, You are Lucky wear I am they are as keen as Mustered on Planning Laws When I first negated the Property the convincing point was that 3 years earlier planning permission was granted I understood just a formality to reapply again, Wrong the problem they stated the Road was not a road and only a access road to Plots and other owners land I crossed was given, the difference being a Public Road wear all vehicle's gain access i.e. rubbish collection fire service ambulances and police more so to empty Septic Tank as it is unmade road Planning Refused I did Try to Resigned there Dission a cost of 60,000hf in Lawyer fess but I was advised after sum time to forget abought getting Planning So now I maybe using my Place without even a Permanent Residence Permit for the Property  To The Hell with There Laws I paid good money for it So Stuff them I will live there 24/7 without authorization thanks marwood47

marwood47 :

To The Hell with There Laws I paid good money for it

You think 60.000 huf is good money? According to There Laws they can fine you for even millions of huf if the building is large enough. Usually authorities don't walk around checking building permits, it's a disgruntled neighbor that notifies them, so I'd advise to be very nice to the people around your land.

Yes, that's right, your neighbours are just as likely to stitch you up.  Good relations are important in villages. Someone might notice your building but if it's only marginally bigger then they are unlikely to notice much.  You would potentially have trouble selling as the land registry plans don't match the reality. 

I suggest not taking anyone's advice here but seek a professional to handle your issues.  Sometimes smooth talking and other incentives get you what you want easier than the actual law.  One thing you get here is that if permission is granted, then it's a done deal, even if they make a mistake on their side.  Not the same as elsewhere like the UK where officialdom cannot be massaged.

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