Does the U.S have a tax treaty with Panama?

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Trying to get a grasp on the tax implications of permanently moving to Panama. Not looking to be taxed twice. I am not sure if the foreign earned income exclusion applies. I am fortunate that I have a state pension and I would like to have some basic information prior to obtaining professional advice from a tax attorney. I apologize if this topic has already been discussed.  Thank you for any help that is offered.

Hi Ed

If they have one I do not see it listed on the IRS site which I would expect to be up to date
https:// businesses/international-businesses/united-states-income-tax-treaties-a-to-z

Thanks for the response. That is why I posed the question, because I didn't see it either. Regardless, with Panama having a tax system, which is territorial I wouldn't be taxed twice. As long as that is the case it would be well worth the effort to move... Again, thanks for the response.

exactly  :D
of course being US citizen does not leave you with many options ... but yep unless you would work in Panama or maybe rent a property and generate a taxable income no double taxation ... though anyway I don't think the "pensionado" program allows people benefiting from it to get a job.

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