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Good day

I am evaluating setting up a manufacturing business in Freeport zone in Mauritius. I am therefore looking to make contact with people who would be able to advise me on the ins and outs of how to go about doing what is required.

Let me know if you are able to assist.

Chad Hendrickse

Hello Chad.

What are your questions?
We're quite familiar with the Freeport sector (well in 'doing business in Mauritius' generally).

Hi Nadeem

We are currently busy working through the BOI and our Mauritian accountants to get the business set up and compliant.

My questions are more around the nuances which every business has but is normally specific to a country. My main question at this stage is around Labour.
a.    I will be needing employ contract labour. This will be in the form of unskilled and skilled labour. I have been told that this is difficult. I have reached out to 3 employment agencies, 2 of which said they cannot assist while the other have quite high rates. Would you be able to advise me on how to go about finding the labour I require?

I am quite sure that as I navigate the process, I will have other questions which I will be asking you.

Thanks in advance for your assistance in answering these questions.

Dear Chad

Now that you have an accountant, they should be in the position to advise also on labour.  To understand your problem, these questions are essential:

- are you looking at local or foreign labour?
- what will be your precise activities?

Hi Nadeem

Let me have your email address then I can email you with all the details.


I messaged you privately.

Hi Chad,

What is the kind of manufacturing that you are embarking on (without having to reveal commercial details)?

Here's the way I see things:

Depending on the sector, as you move along the skill spectrum, employing local workforce can become problematic, as there may be a shortage of skilled labour at one extreme and an attitude problem at the other.

That's why you tend to get expatriate filling those positions at both extremes of the skill spectrum using two different routes: occupation permit and work permit. Generally, the majority of positions on the middle ground tend to go to the locals.

So, depending where you see your workforce sitting on the skill spectrum, you may have to go for local or foreign labour.


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Hi Gawesh

Thanks for the reply. Essentially the staff will be doing some repacking and basic assembly. I foresee the need for a Production Manager, team leaders and the general production staff.

I am interested in you comments with regards to shortage and attitude. Could you elaborate on this and also provide any further comments or insights based upon the requirement stated above.


Hi.... I'm in the process of moving to Mauritius and looking for like minded business associates....

Marketing, sales, setting up of new business ventures and converting losses into profits is my forte... Worked extensively in the area of fashion, fabrics, real estate, retail etc.. etc..
At present I'm self employed as a Business cum Legal advisor...

If you feel we can move forward together, then please do let me know..
We can exchange our profiles and consider some business association...   

I am PRIMARILY looking for a challenging senior management opportunity in an appropriate field which is in line with my experience. Preference being, New Business Development and Setup, administration, Sales & Marketing, Business Management training and teaching.
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warm regards
Vijay Mohindra.


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