Visa 13A

I am about to apply for 13A visa, been to Angeles as they can take applications there too
funny part about it, they said i have 50/50% chance and 3 to 5 months waiting getting approved, but if I pay extra ordinary service and extra ordinary fees then i have 100% and in 3 weeks only, to get it with W/ I-Card, now i am talking about high ranking office here, we set inside his office and he tolled me all this, but we had to go in with out our mobiles, security guard took our mobiles,, wow talking about corruption at its high level, guys you can buy any Visa you wish for, this is what Philippines is about
they care about what you pay them, not the right or wrong.
they have not tolled me how much i need to pay, but they will some times today, or not as we did get cough with one of our mobiles inside, and we got send out quickly.

I am not sure what the problem is here.   I understand you are applying in Angeles for a 13A  Visa  (Visa by Marriage) and an ACR I Card.   Is this correct?   And you will pay a larger fee for express service if you would like at the Angeles Immigration Field Office..?
I do not understand your cell phone issue, but simply follow the verbal instructions that you receive and decide for yourself if you think the express fee is worth it.    The fee structure is outlined in the Immigration website.

ok they want 30.000 php, to lodge papers for me, for 13A and ACR
the cell phone was, if you go inside office must not have one in you

in Davao emigration office i payed 11200peso for provisionary 13A and it took 1 month to get visa and ACR I- card.
that IS the official price ,if you pay more you'r getting scammed.

greets Dirk

ps had to pay layer 500 peso to make the letter to do the demand for the visa

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