Stepping Back

Its becoming more and more evident it is time for me to take a step back. I am getting frustrated by some posts, frustrated by some comments and criticisms.

As a VOLUNTEER for many years on this forum I have enjoyed helping, answering questions and interacting with many people. I've gotten to know some very well.  I've mostly enjoyed doing this. 

It has stopped being fun and for that reason I am taking a step back.  Let those so quick to criticize step up and do the work!

I will be around and will respond to private messages but won't be actively responding on these forums for a bit.

It's a sad fact some people are prats, commonly out to cause as much trouble as they can.
I can see what you mean but you have to be a bit thick skinned, even when some useless twit has a personal go at you.

As a note to any prats, Planner has done a wonderful job looking after her corner of the forums so you really should be ashamed of yourselves and grow up a bit.

planner :

Let those so quick to criticize step up and do the work! .

Fat chance - Moaners are usually as useless as their mouths are wide.

I'd like to apologise if any moaning prats are offended by this message- nope, I'm a liar - I don't care what you think.

Hahahaha thanks Fred.  I am giving myself a time out.  Will come back with a bit of an attitude adjustment once I just step back a bit.

Wishing you all the best Planner, hope you will return soon. Thank you for all your advise and help.

Ah, Planner that makes me sad.  I can certainly understand your position but have become comfortable with knowing  you're out there.

You will be missed by many but taking a break is generally a good thing. I hope I gain enough knowledge to some day be able to contribute as well. We, the many newbies and others, appreciate all the knowledge and insights provided. Like many things, information and advice is for the listener/reader to take in and then use as they feel fit or comfortable doing. I will be in touch in      the New Year via pm. Cheers - Oh yes in case I miss you  Merry Christmas and all the very Best for 2018...

Planner not necessarily a bad thing.  After 12 years on various boards I can certainly understand your frustrations.  A break can be a good thing and coming back recharged even better.  I know when I took my recent 4 month trip back to the US it was kind of nice being somewhat removed from the forum and being not nearly as active.
I do wish you well and look forward to your ACTIVE return.  You will be missed around these parts.
In the mean time have a great Xmas and New Years.

Bob K

Hi Planner,

I wish you well during your break! I know that you, Bob K and a few other SUPER people on the forums have provided my wife and I with so much valuable insight and advice on things that we need to do and explore in preparation for our permanent move to the DR.

We still have lots of questions (although so much less than when we started on this board). I will continue to post and hopefully one day be able to pay back once my knowledge of the country is a bit more substantial.

Enjoy your break!!! Everything you've done is greatly appreciated.


I am greatly saddened to learn of your desire to take a break from the forum. As an outsider looking in, you have been a great resource of information and an asset to the community. While I do understand your concerns, I will miss your commentary and the priceless advice that you have given. I have had the occasion to live vicariously through your experiences and will greatly miss the help that you unknowingly have  provided.

Sincerely, Daniel

Wow, that's a bummer. While I don't post as much as some people, I do read these threads several times a week.
Planner - You and Bob K are the main reasons I joined this site and opened an account. Not one, but TWO voices of experience to draw from!
I hope your break doesn't become permanent, but mostly I hope my wife and I can take you to dinner someday when we finally make it to the DR.  =)

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for your really nice comments. Dont worry i will be back, better than ever with new stories to tell!

And twice as feisty........ hahahahaha...... enjoy the break!

We look forward to your return!

Bob K

Tis true my bonny lass, the embers don't die, but they can burn out. The fire needs to be banked & to refurbish the spirit. I too miss the days of mirth, the repartee the caustic wit that used to commingle with cogent replys. Where have Maxime & Groby 57 gone? Their thought provoking observations of Dominican life, the solving of everyday problems. They & others like you my love have left us bereft of the comedy of life & its many foibles. It was a joy to learn the ways of life here. Interlaced within the same questions endlessly repeated, lay gems of wisdom oft-times creating an understanding of how to live in this culture. You & others have provided the where withall to prevail in this life's adventure. A deep felt thanks to you dear Planner. You have given us the gift of yourself... it is time to take a rest.  These thoughts come from deep within the heart of the Gypsy401, The Tuba & the Tinker. Thank you, thank you.

Nice post by all "three" of you. Hopefully Planner will return reinvigorated after the new year.

Bob K

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