Latent tb indians can get Spass in singapore

I had tb in 12 years ago, it treated and cured clearely. But chest xray is not clear at present some scare on lungs but i don't have any ptoblem since 12 years.  At present mantoux tb skin test is negetive. So can i get spass in singapore. I very needed to work in singapore.
Please guide me immediately.

You need to be medically fit by a Singapore hospital. It’s a normal procedure that after your pass got approved, your medical check up need to be done within a week by a Singapore hospital. So, your case may not have direct impact MoM’s decision but after pass approved if you are not fit certified by a Singapore hospital then you will go back. No choice. Good luck

I applied job in singapore by a consultancy in india. After few days consultant asked me that i need two persons references and lawyer affidavit knowing me for one year to him in singapore. Is it correct or not? Please advise me urgently. He asked me affidavit charges also.

Regarding your TB history: Get a written declaration from the doctor or hospital that treated you, saying that you are free of TB now. Bring that along to your medical examination in Singapore - they will see the TB scars in the X-ray and ask about it!

Regarding the references and affidavit: They are NOT needed to get a Singapore work visa!
It might be that your Singapore employer wants it. Ask them!
In most such cases, the employer would cover the charges (same as with the work visa, which will cost you nothing - by law!).

Remark: Employment agents (or "consultancies", as they seem to be called in India) are often dishonest and try to charge high fees without legal basis. You better deal with your Singapore employer directly to avoid problems!

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