Tax on salaried job in year 2008


I worked in year 2008 and my company had deducted tax from my salary. I had stayed more than 182 days in Malaysia for a period of 10 months. I have started working again in Malaysia and when my current company tried to file the tax, I am told to pay the old tax of 2008.

Can anyone tell me where can I get the income tax calculator for year 2008?
Although my previous company has paid the tax, why is the tax department asking now to pay the tax?


Here are the rates - scroll down … p;bt_lgv=2

Show your records for your tax return for 2008 and all other paperwork such as deductions by the company (pay slips etc) That will clarify everything

Of course perhaps the old company did not pay your tax - but that would have become clear if you had done your annual tax return, even though you were out of the country.

Were the 182 days all in 2008 or across two tax years (Jan-Dec)?

Thanks for your quick response.

Total salary was 65000 RM and total tax deducted was 6800 RM.

And as mentioned earlier, I stayed for more than 182 days. Also my spouse was staying with me.

Can you please calculate the tax and let me know how much amount I owe to tax department?


You do it yourself as it is important you understand what is going on.

You get a tax free allowance for you and your wife so deduct this from the annual salary - You got  RM8k and your wife got RM3K - … Guide-2008

Tax is worked out on your annual earnings..... Jan-Dec.  Starting at the lowest strata of tax shown on the table at the link given earlier,  work out each level then add them together.  So after the RM8K the next RM2500 is also tax free.  Then the amout RM2,501-5,000 is taxed at 1% (from the table)

Continue to work out each strata and add them up. Your annual salary will probably fall between the level given in one of the strata, so just use the final amount to work out what that tax slab will be i.e. if 15k falls in the 16% strata it is 15K x 16%

Once you have added all the different amounts paid at different percentages, you divide by 12 to get the monthly deduction due. This can be multiplied by the number of months you worked in Malaysia (e.g. 7 months Jan-July).

This method only applies if you worked entirely in 2008 and not across two years. It also only applies if you did not leave the country for leisure purposes of more than 14 days.

If you had benefits in kind such as housing allowance, travel, etc. that is also taxable.

Thanks again for your kind support.

Based on your suggestion for self and wife (total of RM 11000), it looks like total tax I need to pay is about 7200 RM. Am not sure if I did the calculations correct or not? Please let me know if this approximate calculation is correct or not.

I have learnt that my previous company has already paid tax of 6500 RM to the tax department.

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Hi Gravitas,

Good day.

Is it possible to check online how much my employer has paid the tax on my behalf to the tax department (in year 2008)? If so, how to check it.

I am able to access the hasil website (first time I used PIN provided by the tax department).

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I doubt it in all honesty unless you did your annual assessment in about April 2009 (for 2008) through their online system. Otherwise everything will be paper trail only.

They may respond via email or phone - … ;bt_sequ=1

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