Convictions and Work Permts

I'm in the process of gathering documents for work permit application, including criminal records, and have a question on how they are viewed.

I have a conviction on my record from 6 years ago after contesting minor traffic offences (red light violation only). Can anyone tell me if the requirement for obtaining a work permit is a clear record, regardless of the conviction, or is further judgement made based on the type of offence?

I'd be bitterly disappointed if this were to be the case after working around the world for the last 5 years without any issue.

Thanks in advance for any insight!


It wont affect your work permit. It's about criminal activity.

So even though it appears as a conviction on the police check, it will not be considered a problem with Vietnam immigration authorities?

I see you are an aussie, Australian police check is federal not state.

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Yes that is correct ...  it is conducted through the AFP ... how does that relate to my question though? Hope someone can clarify

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A traffic conviction is not something the Feds worry about or is on their list of criminal offences. They are interested in serious crime, not petty offences, I hope that clears things up.

Sorry to cause frustration ... however contrary your preception, I have received my record of disclosable court outcomes from the AFP and the offence in question is listed - entirely the reason I'm posing the question in the first place.

Thanks for attempting to clarify though, appreciate you taking the time.

Well your last post should have been your first post.
Not sure why it's listed, as I have had some offences that never showed up on the AFP check.

Yeah I'm not sure either ... just wanting to understand if through the work permit process they scrutinize the detail in the record and assess based on severity of the offence.

I'd hope it would be viewed differently to someone being incarcerated...but who knows!

Going by the atrocious traffic violations in this country, you could pretty safely say it will have no bearing.

I had a firearms offence in Qld and have had no problems with AFP clearance for overseas jobs for the likes of USAID and UNOPS so I would safely say you will have no problems.

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