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I was doing research in an university for one and half year, after which I went to pursue PhD in USA. However, after studying in USA for around four months, now I decide to go back to my previous research group to do research in SG. My salary is a bit less than 3.6K but the online test result shows that I am eligible for both EP and SP. Actually, my university applied both EP and SP for me, and I don't care about the pass type.

May I ask for whether my case will be very suspicious for EP application? Will take very long?

Thanks for your comments!

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What prompt you to think that MoM will be suspiciously looking at your application? To answer your second part of query, MoM consider each case by its merit, so your application will go through that process and you will get a response from MoM. Expectation time frame between 2 weeks to 3 months or more. Good luck.,

Thanks! Because I assume that I go back to my previous research group, might be suspicious? not sure😂😂

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